Easy Backend-Style


Seamlessly adjust color schemes, effortlessly transforming the look and feel of your backend interface.
With an automated color generation feature from just two base colors, achieving a cohesive design is a breeze.
Dive deeper into customization with advanced fields, allowing precise adjustments to fine-tune your backend’s appearance.
This plugin seamlessly integrates with all WordPress backend styles, ensuring a consistent experience across the board.

** Plugin Demo **

Demo Video

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Advanced color settings
  • Color auto population

سوالات متداول

How to install the plugin?

  1. Clone the repo or download the .zip archive
    git clone https://github.com/farndesign/easyBackendStyle.git

    Download: https://github.com/farndesign/easyBackendStyle/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

  2. Add the plugin files to the WordPress instance.

    • Create a new Folder in: /wp-content/plugins/easyBackendStyle
    • Move all files into the new easyBackendStyle folder
  3. Activate the plugin at the WordPress plugin page http://localhost/wp-admin/plugins.php

Install via WordPress Plugin Store


How to use the plugin?

After activating, the settings page can be found as a subpage of the settings section.

Within the settings page, you have the ability to alter the primary pair of colors associated with your backend.
This action subsequently prompts an automatic adjustment of all linked advanced fields, guaranteeing a smooth harmonization with your chosen style.
In the event that a predilection for a more detailed design arises, you can manually select each distinct advanced field in the drop-down menu on the settings page.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

اپریل 4, 2024
The plugin does exactly what it is supposed to do. You just have to fill a few color fields to customize the entire WordPress admin view.
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مشارکت کنندگان

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گزارش تغییرات


  • Minor Bug fixes and Name changes


  • Development: Updated the plugin description and tested for WordPress 6.3


  • Bugfix: Added missing files to svn control


  • Bugfix: Updated stable WordPress version


  • Feature: Changed all color pickers to the core WordPress color picker
  • Feature: New color fields: primaryColor, secondaryColor, highlightText and more
  • Feature: Autofill-Function to fill all color fields based on primary and secondary color
  • Feature: Live-Preview when making color changes
  • Change: reset button is now a reset link
  • Change: refactoring and extraction of main css changes
  • Change: new logo and banner


  • Feature: Icons now change color with the menuText color.
  • Feature: You can now select a separate color for button Text.
  • Bugfix: Database SQL request was not correct formatted.
  • Bugfix: Background color changed in frontend when selected in backend
  • Bugfix: Link color changed in the frontend when selected in the backend


  • Stable build


  • SVN Bugfix


  • Bugfix Prefix error in ebs database fix


  • Bugfix that occurred while loading the subMenuSettings page


  • First release