XML/RSS Guardian


XML/RSS Guardian is a WordPress plugin designed to safeguard your content by easily disabling XML/RSS feeds. With XML/RSS Guardian, you can take control over your content distribution channels and prevent unauthorized access or distribution of your content.


  1. Download the plugin ZIP file.
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
  4. Click on the “Upload Plugin” button and select the ZIP file.
  5. Activate the plugin.

سوالات متداول

Q: How do I use this plugin?
A: Once you activate the XML/RSS Guardian plugin, XML/RSS feeds will be automatically disabled on your WordPress site. Users attempting to access the feeds will receive a message indicating that the feed is disabled.

Q: How can I re-enable XML/RSS feeds if needed?
A: You can temporarily enable XML/RSS feeds by deactivating the XML/RSS Guardian plugin. However, keep in mind that this will make your content vulnerable again. It’s recommended to only disable the plugin when absolutely necessary and re-enable it promptly afterward to maintain content security.

Q: Will this plugin affect my site’s SEO?
A: Disabling XML/RSS feeds should not have a significant impact on your site’s SEO, as search engines primarily index your site’s HTML content. However, if you have specific concerns about SEO, you may want to consult with an SEO expert or perform thorough testing after installing the plugin.

Q: Can I customize the message displayed to users when XML/RSS feeds are disabled?
A: Currently, the message displayed to users when XML/RSS feeds are disabled is not customizable through the plugin settings. However, you can modify the message directly in the plugin code if needed.

Q: Is XML/RSS Guardian compatible with other plugins?
A: XML/RSS Guardian is designed to be compatible with most plugins. However, if you encounter any compatibility issues, please reach out to the plugin’s support team for assistance.

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