Organize Media Folder


Organize Media Library by Folders. URL in the content, replace with the new URL.

Things to manage

  • Organize files into the specified folder.
  • Can create folders.
  • Can filter searching by folders.
  • URL in the content, replace with the new URL.
  • Can upload media to the specified folder.
  • Can upload media to the specified date time.


  • Displays the last 100 logs.

How it works

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Settings
  • Management
  • Filter of Media Library by folders
  • Filter of Insert Media


  1. Upload organize-media-folder directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

سوالات متداول


نقد و بررسی‌ها

نوامبر 29, 2023
Thank you very much for writing this plugin. I have a woocommerce shop with about 50 products and 60+ variations per product. Managing the files in year/month folders very cumbersome. With your plugin, I was able to replicate the product category structure + the sku name, which makes finding related media a breeze.
سپتامبر 15, 2023
I was able to organize my theme demo files, audio, and uploaded files all with a few mouse clicks. Some bad review because they didn’t even try. It’s laid out pretty logicly I thought and VERY powerful plugin!
آگست 9, 2023
This one doesn’t even detect the folders already done before. So there’s nothing much i can do with it… Or there’s a way to make them appear i haven’t spotted but the plugin is too confusing for that… Or it’s a paid feature again…
جولای 3, 2023
This does exactly what I want. I like being able to have the physical files structured and match inside Wordpress without having to do both separately. I like that once set-up, it is a simple extension to the media library for managing rather than a whole new interface. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to select the folder you want when uploading files anywhere. Maybe integrating what this plugin in the wordpress repository does, “custom upload folder” so that you have a dropdown selection for the folder in the uploads box or pop-up. But overall, great plugin that does exactly what it needs to cover the basics of managing the physical media files inside Wordpress.
دسمبر 14, 2021
I’ve used this plugin for some time now and it have really been a big help to organize my media files for photo-albums. Just brilliant.
خواندن تمامی 12 نقد و بررسی‌

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گزارش تغییرات

[1.35] 2024/03/03

  • Fix – Added nonce when sorting.
  • Fix – Changed file operations to WP_Filesystem.


Supported WordPress 6.4.
PHP 8.0 is now required.


Fixed adminbar dropdown.


Fixed potential security issue.


Fixed a pagination problem when searching for text.


Fixed problem of register to term for folder by XAMPP.


Fixed initialization problem.
Fixed uninstall.


Fixed a problem where terms for media other than images were not registered.


Fixed problem of folder filter for gallery block.


Added a warning message when a conflicting plugin is activated.


Fixed uninstall.


Fixed a problem with getting options.


Added the ability to select the folders to be displayed in the admin bar.


Fixed translation.


Change readme.txt


The upload folder can now be changed from the admin bar.
Removed unnecessary code.


Added an error handler for moving files of the same name between folders.


“Character Encodings for server” setting removed.
Fixed a problem with content replacement in threshold images.


Fixed a problem with error handling when copying files.


Simplified the output log.


Supported MAMP(Windows).


The display when moving folders has been made more detailed.
Added logging.
Added media ID display.


Fixed problem of “Folder” column for Media Library list screen.


Added explanation.


Fixed a problem with PHP8.


Change the “Folder” column in the admin page.
Added a “Folder” column to the Media Library list screen.


Fixed the method of updating the term.


Fixed a problem with media uploads.


Supported XAMPP.


Supported XAMPP.


Fixed translation.


Fixed an issue with the display of the narrowed list regarding gallery insertion when posting.


Initial release.