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فبروری 10, 2022
J’utilise beaucoup ACF Pro pour mes développements. Cette extension est le complément idéal pour créer facilement des pages d’options. Merci au développeur
نوامبر 20, 2018 2 پاسخ
Tried according to the documentation, but did not work. Trying to get the $post_id will not work. I have a very simple Options menu with a parent and two children. Set as save to This Post for all three. I have one set of custom fields showing up on the two children option pages. I entered the fields on a child options page, saved, then tried to run some code: Ex: $post_id = get_options_page_id(‘parent-options-page-slug’); if ( have_rows( ‘repeater_field_name’, $post_id ) ): while ( have_rows( ‘repeater_field_name’ , $post_id ) ): the_row(); $episode = get_sub_field( ‘episode_field’); echo ‘Episode ‘ . $episode; Does not return anything. Does not work. UPDATE: Have to create a shortcode attribute to grab sub-page menu slug. After that, works for me.
جنوری 16, 2018
Works great and saves me time. Love the extra features from ACF Pro like ‘Saving Values to the Options Page Post’.
آگست 31, 2017
This feature needs to be implemented in core ACF. Special thanks for ability to add content before and after acf fields. Great work!
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