OOPSpam Anti-Spam


OOPSpam WordPress plugin is a next-generation spam filter for WordPress that uses advanced methods to analyze every comment and contact form submission. Our algorithms, including machine learning models, cross-check each submission against our database to detect and prevent spam.

It uses the OOPSpam API, which protects over 3.5M websites daily.


  • Customize the “sensitivity level” of spam filtering so you don’t miss important messages
  • Checks messages using a machine learning model
  • Country restrictions
  • Language restrictions
  • Automatically checks against multiple IP & email blacklists
  • Automatically detects spam word patterns
  • Manual moderation to block email, IP and by exact keywords
  • [Privacy] Do not analyze IP addresses setting
  • [Privacy] Do not analyze Emails setting.
  • [Privacy] Remove sensitive information from messages setting
  • Form Spam Entries: view spam entries, delete, send submission to website admin or report them to us.
  • Form Ham Entries: view not spam entries, delete or report them to us.
  • and many custom rules, advanced analysis to detect and mark as spam

The value we bring:

  • Fast, Lightweight & Accessible
  • No cookies, no challenges, no javascript, no tracking
  • High accuracy (%99.9)
  • Use one API key with unlimited websites
  • No data stored on our servers. All your data is stored in your local WordPress database.
  • Privacy by design
  • Well tested so it will NOT break your website with every update
  • Transparent and responsible company. We have an active vulnerability disclosure program.
  • Support (24 hour response)

The plugin filters both comments, site search, and contact form submissions.

Supported form & comment solutions:

  • WooCommerce Order & Registration
  • Elementor Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Kadence Form Block
  • Fluent Forms
  • Breakdance Forms
  • WS Form
  • WPDiscuz
  • Forminator
  • WPForms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Bricks Forms
  • Toolset Forms
  • Piotnet Forms
  • GiveWP Donation Forms
  • MailPoet
  • Beaver Builder Contact Form
  • Ultimate Member

OOPSpam Anti-Spam WordPress plugin requires minimal configuration. The only thing you need to do is to get a key and paste it into the appropriate setting field under Settings=>OOPSpam Anti-Spam. If you have a contact form plugin, make sure you enable spam protection on the settings page.

Please note: This is a premium plugin. You need an OOPSpam Anti-Spam API key to use the plugin. Each account comes with 40 free spam checks per month.
If you already use OOPSpam on other platforms, you can use the same API key for this plugin.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • OOPSpam admin settings
  • Spam Entries from contact forms
  • Manual moderation settings


You can install OOPSpam Anti-Spam plugin both from your WordPress admin dashboard and manually.


  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’;
  2. Search for ‘oopspam’;
  3. Activate OOPSpam Anti-Spam from your Plugins page;
  4. Go to OOPSpam Anti-Spam=>Settings


  1. Upload the ‘oopspam-anti-spam’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Activate the OOPSpam Anti-Spam plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
  3. Go to OOPSpam Anti-Spam=>Settings


Using the plugin requires you to have an OOPSpam API key. You can get one from here.
Once you have a key, copy it and paste into OOPSpam API key field under OOPSpam Anti-Spam=>Settings

سوالات متداول

Where do I report security bugs found in this plugin?

Please report security bugs found in the source code of this plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment, and notify the developers of this plugin.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

جولای 2, 2024
It’s a great plugin, it works very well to reduce spam! I use it with all my agency clients
اپریل 28, 2024
I have been using this tool now for several months and comparing it to other similar tools it seems very effective. I especially like the ability to restrict messaging to specific countries – either by inclusion of those countries, or the exclusion of other countries. It also supports integration with elementor forms which is useful
فبروری 27, 2024
This anti-spam plugin is a total lifesaver! It catches spam like a champ, way better than most others I’ve tried. But the real MVP here is Onar. The guy is super quick to respond to any support messages and is all about making the plugin even better for us users. I mentioned a feature I thought would be cool, and bam, he had it up and running in just a week. Seriously impressive. If you’re fed up with spam and want support that actually listens and acts fast, this plugin and Onar’s help are what you need!
جنوری 28, 2024
I had an Issuesy with the plugin and the support team was so amazing, the response time was immediate and the issue was solved instantly. It works easy with Elementor Forms. I highly recommend OOPSpam Plugin.
جنوری 12, 2024
This plugin works really well. Better yet, any time I have any sort of issue, the response time from the oops team is immediate and they always fix the problem or answer my questions. I highly recommend it.
دسمبر 9, 2023
Tried the trial first, worked successfully, 100% stopped spam. Upgraded to paid plan. Customer support great as well, contacted and received email back within 30 minutes on a weekend!
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گزارش تغییرات


  • NEW: Automatic local blocking of email and IP when an item is reported as spam
  • IMPROVEMENT: Truncate long messages in Form Ham Entries and Form Spam Entries tables
  • IMPROVEMENT: Clean up manual moderation data from the database when plugin is uninstalled
  • FIX: Correct usage of elements in the settings fields for improved accessibility
  • FIX: Resolve dynamic property deprecation warnings


  • NEW: [Fluent Forms] Specify content field by Form ID and Field Name pair
  • NEW: [Fluent Forms] Combine multiple field values for the ‘The main content field’ setting
  • FIX: [Fluent Forms] Fix error when there is no textarea in a form


  • NEW: [WS Form] Specify content field by Form ID and Field ID pair
  • NEW: [WS Form] Combine multiple field values for the ‘The main content field’ setting
  • FIX: Error when “Not Spam” is used in the Form Spam Entries table


  • NEW: “Block disposable emails” setting
  • FIX: Broken “Move spam comments to” setting


  • NEW: Basic HTML support for error messages in all integrations
  • NEW: Ability to set multiple recipients for Email Admin in the Form Spam Entries table
  • NEW: [Gravity Forms] Specify content field by Form ID and Field ID pair
  • NEW: [Gravity Forms] Combine multiple field values for the The main content field setting
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved security and accessibility by migrating to a modern UI control library


  • NEW: [Gravity Forms] Better compatibility with Gravity Perks Limit Submissions
  • IMPROVEMENT: [Gravity Forms] Display error message at top of form instead of next to field


  • NEW: [Elementor Forms] Specify content field by Form ID and Field ID pair
  • NEW: [Elementor Forms] Combine multiple field values for the The main content field setting
  • NEW: Wildcard support for manual email blocking (e.g. *@example.com)


  • NEW: [WPForms] Specify content field by Form ID and Field ID pair
  • NEW: [WPForms] Combine multiple field values for the The main content field setting
  • FIX: Prevent email notifications for spam comments
  • FIX: Send email from site admin instead of form submitter in E-mail admin setting


  • IMPROVEMENT: [WPForms] Use Field Name/Label in The main content field ID (optional) setting


  • NEW: Display a custom error message in Contact Form 7


  • NEW: Don't protect these forms setting. Ability to exclude a form from spam protection
  • NEW: Export CSV in Form Spam Entries & Form Ham Entries tables
  • IMPROVEMENT: More reliable IP detection
  • IMPROVEMENT: Confirmation prompt before emptying Ham and Spam Entries table
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved styling of the settings page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Hide Blocked countries when Do not analyze IP addresses is enabled


  • NEW: Manual moderation setting to manually block email, IP and exact keyword.
  • NEW: Email admin setting under Form Spam Entries to send submission data to the website admin
  • FIX: Load plugin Javascript and CSS files only in the plugin settings


  • IMPROVEMENT: WS Form integration uses new pre-submission hook. No need to add an action anymore
  • NEW: WS Form Spam Message error field
  • NEW: Ultimate Member support


  • FIX: Error when reporting false positives/negatives


  • NEW: Log submissions to OOPSpam setting. Allows you to view logs in the OOPSpam Dashboard


  • FIX: WooCommerce spam filtering applied even when spam protection was off


  • NEW: The main content field ID setting now supports multiple ids (separated by commas)
  • NEW: Beaver Builder contact form support


  • IMPROVEMENT: A better way to prevent empty messages from passing through


  • NEW: Trackback and Pingback protection
  • NEW: WP comment logs are available under the Form Spam/Ham Entries tables.


  • FIX: WP_Query warning in the search protection


  • MISC: Compatibility tested with WP 6.4


  • IMPROVEMENT: Bricks Form integration doesn’t require to add custom action.


  • NEW: Breakdance Forms support
  • FIX: Failed nonce verification in cron jobs that empty spam/ham entries