Gutenverse Form


Streamline the process of creating and managing forms on your WordPress website with our powerful and intuitive form builder plugin.
With more than 10 easy-to-use blocks, you can create your own customized forms effortlessly.


Unlock an enhanced Gutenberg/Block Editor experience with these amazing features:


Choose from a wide range of fully customizable form blocks that offer advanced and flexible options, enhancing your WordPress block editor experience.


Experience the best performance with Gutenverse Form. Our streamlined code ensures optimal usage of the WordPress block editor, making your website lighter and faster for an improved user experience.


Leverage WordPress’s latest Site Editing feature and unlock endless possibilities for customizing form templates using only Gutenberg blocks. Gutenverse Form’s blocks will assist you in building your ideal form templates.


Our deep integration with responsive editing allows you to perfect your website’s appearance on every device.


Purpose-built blocks designed for your forms. Add, rearrange, and style them to create the perfect form for your site.


  • Section. Add a section to wrap several blocks within columns.
  • Column. Resizable column to hold your block elements, with draggable resize control that make it convenient to use.


  • Form Builder: A versatile wrapper for building flexible forms with a wide array of field choices.
  • Checkbox: Create multiple checkable selections with checkboxes.
  • Date: Capture date information with a convenient date picker interface.
  • Email: Gather email information and validate its format to ensure valid submissions.
  • Select: Provide a predefined list of choices for users to select from (single option).
  • Multi-select: Offer a predefined list of choices for users to select from (multiple options).
  • Number: Capture numeric information and validate it to ensure accurate submissions.
  • Radio: Present predefined radio options for users to choose from.
  • Switch: Toggle control with binary options, perfect for binary questions.
  • Telp: Collect phone number information and validate its format for accuracy.
  • Text: Gather string information (excluding “Return” character).
  • Text Area: Obtain long strings of text, including the “Return” character.


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عکس‌های صفحه


Installing Gutenverse Form is a breeze. Follow one of the two methods below:

From the WordPress Plugin Dashboard:

  1. Go to the WordPress plugin dashboard and search for “Gutenverse Form.”
  2. Click on the “Install Now” button next to the Gutenverse Form plugin.
  3. Once installed, activate the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard.

Using the Upload Method:

  1. Download the Gutenverse Form plugin as a zip file from the official website.
  2. In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.”
  3. Select the “Upload Plugin” button and choose the Gutenverse Form zip file.
  4. Click on “Install Now” and activate the plugin after installation.

For more detailed instructions, refer to our comprehensive plugin installation guide available on our website.

For additional information and assistance, please visit our extensive Documentation section.

سوالات متداول

Here are answers to some common questions about Gutenverse Form:

Does Gutenverse Form require the Gutenberg plugin to be installed?

No, Gutenverse Form does not require the Gutenberg plugin. Since WordPress version 5.9 or above already includes Gutenberg integrated, you can seamlessly use Gutenverse Form without any additional installation steps.

How can I search for Gutenverse Form blocks within the block editor?

To find Gutenverse Form blocks in the block editor:

Click on the top left corner of the editor.
Enter the keyword “gutenverse”, “input” or “form” in the search bar.
The editor will display a list of all available Gutenverse Form blocks. You can also search for specific blocks by adding details, such as “email input.”

My blocks contain unexpected or invalid content. What should I do?

If your blocks display unexpected or invalid content after an update, follow these steps:

  • If available, click on the “Attempt Block Recovery” button to recover and restore the blocks.
  • If the button is not available or the issue persists, please reach out to our support team by creating a support ticket. We will promptly assist you in resolving the issue.

Is Gutenverse Form compatible with other Gutenberg plugins?

Gutenverse Form is designed to be compatible with other Gutenberg plugins. We have thoroughly tested Gutenverse Form with popular Gutenberg plugins like Spectra, Otter, Essential Blocks, Stackable, and Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks. You can confidently use Gutenverse Form alongside these plugins to enhance your block editing experience.

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گزارش تغییرات

0.6.0 – 2024-07-17

  • Fix compatibility with WordPress version 6.6

0.5.0 – 2023-06-24

  • Initial release