Add-On for Microsoft Teams and Gravity Forms


Automatically send Gravity Form entries to a Microsoft Teams channel using an Incoming Webhook.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Plugin settings page
  • Form feed settings page
  • Form feed settings page continued
  • Entry page
  • Microsoft Teams channel post


  1. Install the plugin from your website’s plugin directory, or upload the plugin to your plugins folder.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Go to Gravity Forms > Settings > Microsoft Teams.

Where can I request features and get further support?

Join my WordPress Support Discord server

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گزارش تغییرات


  • Tweak: Removed some comments


  • Tweak: Updated Discord link


  • Fix: strpos() empty needle warning
  • Tweak: Updated changelog to use commonly used prefixes (Fix, Tweak, and Update)


  • Fix: User buttons not showing up on new entries
  • Fix: Meta box bug on entry view when no feeds have been added


  • Update: Added option to show custom button to account users only
  • Fix: User ID field showing up even if deselected in feed settings


  • Update: Added option for custom button with merge tag support
  • Update: Added option for turning buttons on and off
  • Update: Added message field with merge tag support
  • Update: Added media uploader to site logo option
  • Fix: Checkbox values not showing up properly
  • Fix: Radio button results not showing values instead of text
  • Update: Added support for str_ends_with() for PHP < 8.0


  • Update: Added option to hide fields on Teams message that have empty values
  • Fix: Form fields not showing on new feed settings until saved
  • Tweak: Animated light/dark mode preview on plugin settings
  • Tweak: Limited character count for site name to prevent issues
  • Update: Added feed name and channel to entry notes
  • Tweak: Removed colons from labels if they already end with colons or question marks


  • Fix: Name field not showing up for account users


  • Created plugin on March 14, 2023