Finance Gateway for WooCommerce


The Finance plugin for WooCommerce allows you to accept finance payments in your WooCommerce store. To get started download the Finance plugin, configure it in settings with your api-key and you’re good to go.


Shared Secret: Allows you to verify webhooks calls.
Checkout Title: Displays the name of the payment option in the checkout.
Checkout Description: Description of the payment option in the checkout.
Display Plans: Allows you to display all plans or only selected plans.
Plans: Allows you to select the plans that you want to display.
Cart Threshold: Minimum amount that needs to be reached for Finance to be available in the checkout.
Product Selection: Allows you to pick the products on which finance will be available. There are 3 possible options: All Products, Selected Products or Products above Defined Price
Show Product Widget: Allows you to turn on/off the small widget which appears underneath the price on product pages.
Show Calculator Widget: Allows you to turn on/off the Calculator widget which appears at the bottom of product pages.
Widget Threshold: Allows you to set the minimum amount for the “Product Widget” to show.
Widget Prefix: Allows you to add a prefix to the “Product Widget”.
Widget Suffix: Allows you to add a suffix to the “Product Widget”.
Enable/Disable Automatic Fulfillment: Allows you to select if an “Activation” call should be made automatically to the lender once the order goes to “Completed”
Enable/Disable Automatic Refunds: Allows you to select if a “Refund” call should be made automatically to the lender once the order goes to “Refunded”
Enable/Disable Automatic Cancellation: Allows you to select if an “Cancellation” call should be made automatically to the lender once the order goes to “Cancelled”


Simply follow these steps to install:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Upload the “woocommerce-finance-gateway” folder to your WordPress Plugins directory.
3. Login to your WordPress Admin, then go to Plugins and activate the “Finance Gateway for WooCommerce” plugin
4. Within the WordPress Admin, go to WooCommerce >> Settings, then click on the Payment Gateways tab, then click on the Finance link.
5. Enter the proper information and you are ready to start using the plugin

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گزارش تغییرات

Version 2.7.2
Feat: Adds shipping address to finance application and improves address parsing

Version 2.7.1
Fix: Rolls back some cosmetic non PHP 7.4 compatible changes

Version 2.7.0
Feat: Adds extra information for the merchant when attempting to refund/cancel an order placed via the plugin

Version 2.6.2
Fix: Amends erroneous refund notification URL path
Feat: Shorcode widget automatically picks up on the price of a product if shortcode is used on product page

Version 2.6.1
Fix: Fixes issue with payment method not displaying at checkout when cart threshold is set
Fix: Fixes duplicated links in backend
Fix: Fixes issue where products are purchasable despite being configured otherwise

Version 2.6.0
Feat: Removes Guzzle dependancy

Version 2.5.0
Feat: Adds compatibility to the latest version of our Finance Calculator.

Version 2.4.0
Feat: Retrieves lender logos at checkout dynamically.

Version 2.3.8
Chore: Added a new icon for finance payment plugin.

Version 2.3.7
Chore: Adjusted the settings layout.

Version 2.3.6
Fix: Product price threshold had a typo in a mathematical operator and a missing conversion from pence/pennies.

Version 2.3.5
Fix: Adjusted the way we set values to the plugin config fields.

Version 2.3.4
Fix: Adding SKU to the products array.

Version 2.3.3
Fix: Fixed widget not displaying correctly. Fixed automatic config overide on widget_threshold.

Version 2.3.2
Fix: convert product prices passed as strings to floating point variables for math operations in widget inclusion.

Version 2.3.1
Fix: Suppress errors for empty API keys in admin panel

Version 2.3.0
Feat: New field in plugin options to accept user input Environment URL

Version 2.2.8
Fix: Update calculator widget url for each environment

Version 2.2.7
Chore: Float payment gateway logo to the right and increase size for Nordea

Version 2.2.6
Fix: resolves missing API key error header text issue

Version 2.2.5
Fix: Updated tested up till version on WordPress and Woocommerce

Version 2.2.4
Fix: Empty transient finance environment

Version 2.2.3
Feat: Add language override to calculator

Version 2.2.2
Chore: Add order id to meta-data

Version 2.2.1
Remove redirection message

Version 2.2.0
Fix – reduce reload
Chore – add css description id
Chore – set activations, refunds and cancellations to true as default

Version 2.1.16
Fix – Add order id to merchant reference for patch requests

Version 2.1.15
Chore – Add additional metadata for orders
Fix – Reload finances when when app settings are saved
Chore – Add order id to merchant reference
Fix – Refund and cancellation webhook

Version 2.1.14
Feature – Upgrade Calculator Widget
Fix – Adjust nonce on process payment
Fix – Strip whitepaces from phone number
Chore – Adjust transient deletion

Version 2.1.13
Fix – reverted the text domain untill translations can be adjusted

Version 2.1.12
Fix – Adjusted the text domain
Update – Added allowed countries

Version 2.1.11
Fix – Plugin installation issue

Version 2.1.10
Fix – Editable payment method logo styling

Version 2.1.9
Feature – Add editable payment method logo to checkout

Version 2.1.8
BugFix – Update widget price for variable products

Version 2.1.7
BugFix – Widget was not displaying default button text
BugFix – The lightbox mode was not disabled when selecting calculator mode
Chore – Add france and germany to list of approved countries

Version 2.1.6
Chore – Additional translations
BugFix – Widget was not displaying unless item was in basket

Version 2.1.5
Chore – Adjust naming of functions for consistency
Bugfix – Product edit pages displaing plans that are not active
Chore – Update Finish Translations

Version 2.1.4
Fix bug on widget on product page

Version 2.1.3
Add postcode as address sanity value so that non-existent addresses are cleared

Version 2.1.2
Bugfix – getCheckoutFinanceOptions running on page other than checkout

Version 2.1.1
Rounded deposit to nearest cent/penny
Hide disabled plans in admin panel
Fix hide finance option when no plans available for a given product

Version 2.1.0
Added Translation for DE
Added Translation for GB
Added Translation for US
Added Translation for FI
Added Translation for FR
Adjusted Deposit handling from percentage to Amount

Version 2.0.5
Added PATCH application support
Removed support for Woocommerce less than version 3.0.0

Version 2.0.4
Fixed footnote and button text
Fixed widget threshold

Version 2.0.3
Added FI as accepted county
Added Max Loan amount

Version 2.0.2
Added Environment Testing
Bugfix for Settings link
Add ES as accepted country

Version 2.0.1
Bugfix for Deposit Percentage

Version 2.0.0
Updated Calculator Widget
Replaces prepend and append strings with button text and footnote controls
Updated shortcode helper

Version 1.0.2
Fix to Shared Secret Functionality
Minor Formatting
Added a shortcode helper finance_code – to allow users to place the calculator on non-product pages
Added a settings link to plugins page – quick jump to finance settings.
Added version from @ to comments

Version 1.0.1
Added the ability to Cancel and Refund applications through WooCommerce
Added Transient (caching values) on WooCommerce to prevent unnecessary API calls

Version 1.0.0 Initial Release