Human Presence – Stop Form Spam Without ReCaptcha


Human Presence is a fraud prevention and form protection service that uses multiple overlapping strategies to fight form spam including: protecting user registration and login forms, content creation forms, comments, contact forms, and more.

Human Presence Features

  • Invisible to your users, Human Presence runs in the background to analyze site traffic in real time to protect against malicious and fraudulent activity.
  • Eliminates annoying spam submissions and fake account creation.
  • Full integration with the most popular form plugins including:
    • Gravity Forms
    • Ninja Forms
    • WP Forms
    • Formidable Forms
    • Contact Form 7
    • WordPress Comments
    • WooCommerce Reviews
    • WS Form
    • QuForm
    • WeForms
    • Fluent Forms
    • Elementor Forms

If you are interested in learning more about Human Presence for WordPress, visit our website here.

Join the elite web professionals who enjoy Human Presence Pro!

Note: You’ll need a Human Presence account, if you don’t already have one, to connect to the service. You can sign-up for a free account on our website.

Public support requests or issues with the plugin can be reported via the support tab of this listing or by emailing Human Presence directly at

Usage of this plugin with a Human Presence account is subject to our terms of service.


Copyright 2018 Ellipsis Technologies

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Forms from multiple plugins can be protected at the same time.
  • Auto-protection of all forms is available for Pro subscribers.


  1. Install Human Presence either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the .zip file to your server and ‘Activate’ it.
  2. Go to the Human Presence plugin settings page in the admin menu on the left.

سوالات متداول

How many forms does the Human Presence plugin protect?

The Human Presence Community Free version protects 1 form so that you can see how it works for you. You can upgrade to Human Presence Pro for $49 per year to protect all of your forms with any of our forms integrations. There is also an Agency package available for multiple websites.

What forms plugins does Human Presence integrate with?

Human Presence integrates with the following forms plugins: Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WP Forms, Contact Form 7, QuForm, WeForms, WordPress Comments, WooCommerce Reviews, Formidable Forms, WS Form, Fluent Forms, and more form builders added monthly.

Why is Human Presence better than ReCaptcha and Akismet at stopping form spam?

Human Presence is better because of the technology including AI and Machine Learning. Human Presence does not try to identify bots, instead we identify humans by tracking keyboard movements, mouse movements, touchpad gestures, etc. in a matter of miliseconds. Just look at our reviews, you can see our plugin works and it stops your form spam problem immediately.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

فبروری 1, 2023
To absolutely have on your website. It independently and completely BLOCKS ALL SPAM, better than any other plugin!!!
دسمبر 20, 2022
I manage some high reputation sites that have been bombarded with contact form spam. I use (and love) Gravity Forms and despite taken every effort we could (honeycomb, captcha, akismet, etc) spam still made it’s way through. My expectations for Human Presence were low, but IT WORKS! Spam has gone to zero on every site we manage. I’ve only used with Gravity Forms, so cannot speak to other integrations. The setup and configuration was super easy as there are very few settings. I would recommend giving Human Presence a try. My rating is a 4 stars because on occasion some real users are viewed as spam and the form either loads indefinitely (stalls) or results in a Critical Error which I have yet to be able to resolve.
آکتوبر 19, 2022
Very ingenious plug-in, which holds back spam enormously. Also the support is very fast and very happy to help with problems. On the whole, the plug-in does exactly what it should!
آگست 2, 2022
As with several plugins I have purchased, a cloud of skepticism prevails until I have used the service for a while. So far, Human Presence has served me well. I had several clients complaining about spam coming in from their website forms. Since installing Human Presence I have not heard from them again. I can only assume that as with most AI software that it should only get better as it learns.
جون 17, 2022
I was disappointed to discover that only few plug-ins were recognized. More than this, the default system login forms are not handled. Still you can still get spam on your main login system. Therefore you’ll still need captcha for basic default system forms. If the idea was great, the current coverage of the tool makes it useless, as you till need captcha for basic system forms. Forget the ability to cover well know LMS system like Tutor LMS Pro, it will not be recognized.
خواندن تمامی 14 نقد و بررسی‌

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گزارش تغییرات


  • Fix: Bug Fixes for Fluent Form Validation API.


  • Fix: Bug Fixes for WS Form.


  • Fix: Bug Fixes for WS Form.


  • Fix: Added Support to Learn Mode Collapse


  • Fix: Add back missing files


  • Fix: Fix typo in tested version


  • Fix: Add back missing files


  • Update: Tested with WP 6.41.1


  • Fix: CI/CD fixes


  • Fix: CI/CD fixes


  • Fix: CI/CD fixes


  • Update: adds support for CI/CD


  • Fix: license key failing to renew correctly


  • Feature: adds integration with HappyForms


  • Update: adds debug report download
  • Fix: fixes some undefined php variables
  • Fix: removes incorrect echo param for nonce field


  • Update: adds async/defer to frontend scripts


  • Fix: Fixes issue with Elementor forms still saving entries even when validation failed
  • Update: modifies language around confidence level for better clarity


  • Feature: adds debug features for better help/support
  • Update: modifies language around confidence level for better clarity


  • Fix: Fixes issues with PHP warnings and notices not dismissable


  • Fix: Fixes bug in community banner causing admin-ajax requests to return extra content


  • Fix: Fixes issue with non-dismissable Pro banner


  • Feature: update assets
  • Fix: Fixes issue in license checks


  • Feature: adds discount opportunity to community users
  • Fix: Fixes issue in license checks


  • Feature: adds integration with Elementor Forms
  • Fix: Fixes issue in license activation modal url


  • Fix: Fixes issue related to admin comment replies


  • Feature: Enhances connect flow for community version


  • Fix: Bug in Contact Form 7 integration


  • Feature: adds integration with WPForms
  • Fix: adds error handling to Ninja Forms integration
  • Debug: adds debug options


  • Fix: Bug forcing autoprotect for non-premium users


  • Feature: adds integration with FluentForms


  • Feature: updates integration with weForms


  • Feature: adds additional integration with weForms


  • Fix: Updates stable tag to force plugin update


  • Fix: Fixes bug in entry list for WSForm integration


  • Fix: Fixes bug in auto enable for quform integration


  • Feature: adds support for enterprise and custom licenses


  • Fix: Fix for Gravity Slider Plugin for Gravity forms where AutoProtect was running too early and causing server-side caching of Gravity fields


  • Fix: Fixes bug in premium validation logic


  • Fix: Fixes bug in validation logic


  • Feature: adds integration with quform


  • Fix: Fixes bug in validation logic


  • Fix: Fixes potential issue blocking admin creation of WooCommerce order notes


  • Feature: adds param to script url for partners if necessary


  • Update: Updates default minimum confidence level to 70 instead of 100. Lowers the chance of blocking legitimate users trying to submit forms.


  • Fix: Fixes double trailing slash causing broken images js, and css in some server environments


  • Fix: Fixes major bug in form validation


  • Fix: Fixes bug in account connection status


  • Fix: Fixes bug in premium status for partners


  • Bump version number


  • Fix: Fixes issue in activation and deactivation tasks
  • Fix: Fixes premium checks not returning correctly
  • Fix: Fixes bug in form list where non-existent forms could still be counted


  • Fix: Fixes php compatibility issue


  • Fix: Fixes bug in partner connect


  • Feature: Adds weForms integration
  • Fix: Fixes esc_html in admin_notices not allowing buttons to display correctly
  • Fix: Fixes bug in Utils class
  • Fix: Fixes bug in form integrations where validation could not return filter value


  • Fix: Ninja forms version nag was visible even if not installed


  • Full Refactor of plugin code


  • Fix: multiple formatting errors
  • Fix: missing nonce verification


  • Add support for using the new EDD User API endpoints via the ellipsis user microservice and switch to the EDD licensing model in lieu of the Node service


  • Fix a couple ‘Undefined index’ notices and an unnecessary page refresh upon activation


  • TOS link update


  • Remove support for ancient (7 years ago) Gravity Forms plugin versions


  • Add support for protecting WooCommerce product reviews and processing activation events


  • Add comment validation action missing priority and parameter arguments


  • Minor auto-protection bug fixes, added support for unattended activations


  • New Freemium Model for best possible protection across all form builders, miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


  • Security update promoting further sanitization and validation of all requests, namespace tweaks.


  • Security patch to prevent possible XSS vulnerability on the protected-forms-table via the ‘page’ parameter.


  • Fixed ‘Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function hpres_get_form_submissions_ct()’ which prevented rendering of the HP plugin options page.

  • Fixed typo in premium upgrade link.

  • Added missing premium license check


  • Added support for premium form builder (now supporting Contact Form 7 & Ninja Forms) integration upgrades.


  • Added support for auto-protecting forms and comments on activation/connection, fixed dashicon not rendering correctly, and updated the link to the dashboard.


  • Remove tag manager and test with WP 5.


  • Configure CSS Pre-processing for a bug fix and ensure better name spacing in general.


  • Updates to the plugin description regarding sign-up details.


  • Fixed jQuery undefined error in Ajax settings.


  • Add the TOS and support email to the description.


  • Overhaul of the entire plugin to focus on ease of use with regard to preventing form and comment spam.


  • Changed api_key from camelCase to snake_case.


  • Fixed bug with apiKey not being properly set in script enqueue.

  • Discontinued the use of file_get_contents() to authenticate via our API in favor of using curl for more universal host server compatibility.

  • Resolved type error when checking login status.

  • Removed erroneously added additional user line under login form.


  • Internal API URI change. This is a breaking change if the Ellipsis user is not already connected.

  • Fixed build failure


  • Removed admin menu page position parameter to avoid conflicts with other plugins.


  • Resolved fatal error message issue upon plugin activation prior to connecting ellipsis account (special thanks to Brent Alexander for contributing the fix).


  • Initial Release.